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Hulchul (1951)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of the great commotion created in the mind of young Peter, when on a welding job at night he hears a woman sobbing. Her companion tries to sooth her with the promise that he would murder his wife shortly and make her his wife Mrs. Mahesh Jaitly. Immediately Peter runs after the mysterious voices but is unable to catch them.
Kind-hearted Peter is unable to remain indifferent to the calamity about to befall the hapless wife. He remembers the man's name and that he has a telephone, but finds three Mahesh Jaitlys listed in the Telephone Directory. He rings up and warns all the three wives and thereby throws a bombshell in three homes.
Padma the middle-aged paralytic wife of Dr. Mahesh Jaitly suddenly believes that her husband would do away with her for the same of his beautiful lady assistant.
Laxmi the unsophisticated and devoted wife of second Mahesh Jaitly- a fashion publicist thinks that as she is barren her husband would like to marry his gorgeous Secretary. 
The third Mahesh Jaitly is a dashing handsome youngman married to filmstar Seema. On receiving  the warning she too believes that she is a likely victim of her husband because she has recently transferred all her wealth to his name.
Peter and his pretty fiancee Kitty are determined to catch the killer, and as the amateur sleuths set out on their investigation in various disguises the screen rocks with mirthquake on a scale that will bring joy and new dimension to motion picture entertainment... that's HULCHUL..........HULCHUL the commotion that is absolutely novel and entertaining.