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Husn Aur Ishq (1966)

  • Release Date1966
  • GenreAdventure
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationK Asif Studios & Mohan Studios

It is the Law of nature that Love hovers around beauty. For a true lover worship of beauty has devine significance.
Ashique Hussain, a simple handsome and healthy young man had idolised an Imaginary Queen of his dreams and had fallen in love with her.

Incidently, he ran into a merchant who highly praised the beauty of the princess of Baghdad. Her description conformed to the image of his dreams and instantly he decided to go after her.

But the path of love is full of obstacles. The Vazir of Baghdad Mir Qasim had sinister designs to possess princess Rukhsana, but his all efforts in accomplishing his lustful desires had failed.

Princess Rukhsana on coming in contact with Ashiq fell in love at first sight.

Alas : their love was nipped in the bud by the ruthless Vazir, who detecting their love affair succeeded in arresting Ashiq, the unfortunate lover. In order to remove him from his path, he ordered Ashiq's execution before the sun rise. With the first streak of dawn the horrid moment arrived. Ashiq's life was poised on the brink of death. But his dexterity cleverness and valour came to his rescue. Fighting bravely against deadly odds he got out of the den by jumping into a close by river. Finally when he came on the bank, he found himself amidst hostile surroundings. Here as luck would have it, he came by a magic lamp, whos possession made a Mighty Gin (Genny) his servant.

With the help of the Gin, he reached the Court of the king of Baghdad in the disguise of the prince of Jamalistan. The king was so much impressed by Ashiq's personality that he agreed to give the hand of his daughter Rukhsana in marriage to him

However, destiny made Mir Qasim grab the Magic Lamp and with its help he succeeded in foiling the marriage ceremony of the two lovers.

The king and Ashiq were thrown in the dungeon. Rukhsana was sent to his bed chamber to satiate his lust.

Did Mir Qasim succeed in his vicious motive? or did the lovers meet?

This is the rib tickling dramatic climax that will make you experience rare thrilling moments when you see Dimple Films 'Husn Aur Ishq' on the screen.

[From the official press booklet]



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