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............ and after 5th August 1947..........
The foreigners left India- and kept it in a wounded condition..... bloodshed as the result. The land of five rivers was lacerated..... Sind was wailing with woe.....Bengal was aflamed ....... Kashmir was turned to battlefield and out of these ill-fated happenings was born a new class-the REFUGEES....Bansari was one of them.
She had all luxuries of life. But all that belonged to past. Right now she along with her mother was passing her time. She turned a Trader-and used to hawk goods in a hand cart. While on her founds she came across Gopal. Chance meeting led to acquaintance and from acquaintance LOVE is a short cut.
Gopal played the lead in plays presented by 'Rangabhavan Theatres,' He was also their Music Director. Gopal pleading Bansari that the best medium for propaganda to the masses is furnished by the stage, succeeded in winning her consent to join the stage.
But that was a queer world unlike the one in which she was born and bred up-she saw....
Someone else loved Gopal. That was Jamuna-who sensed a rival in Bansari. Jamuna decided to remove this obstacle in her path. The Old Music Director Totaram-whom Gopal had displaced was nursing a grudge. The other party was always to be found at the Rais Bankelal. This man, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, was fond of leading galliavanting life.
He was a regular visitor to the Rangbhavan Theatre. He liked to see dramas-more especially for the belles that appeared on the stage. The belle that caught his fancy used to be called for his night parties.
But Bansari refused to go to his Entertainers, Bankelal decided either to have her or ruin her. He was helped in his nefarious plans by Pt. Totaram, Sundarlal (Gopal's father) and the Doctor of camel, Pt. Bholanath.
Gopal was going through trying times. His father wanted Gopal to be a great man and was always insisting on learning Mahabharat. He wanted Gopal to marry Jamuna.
Bansari left disgusted with this atmosphere of the Theatre. Her cultured mind revolted against it. She wanted to run away from the place. But Gopal pursuasively  argued and dissuaded her from the plan. But fate pursued its relentless course.
In the rehersals  she was accused of visiting the place of the Rais Bankelal. Enraged at the insulting insinuation she straight away went to Bankelal's place and administered him five slaps.
She severed her connection with the stage, she began to give shelter to the orphans, try to reform the thieves and robbers and also to propagate ideas of nationalism and national welfare.
Gopal was agrieved at her new attitude to life. Jamuna did her best to fan the embers of suspician. 
30th January 48-on that eventful day "Vasant Utsav" drama was being staged at Rangbhavan Theatre....
All of a sudden the stunning news was flashed.... Mahatmaji assassinated. The whole Nation was thrown into immense grief... Mahatmaji's body was being cremated at Rajghat.
Bansari and Gopal inspired by this, decided to devote their lives in service of the Nation-but.....