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Jindri Yaar Di (1978)

  • Release Date08/06/1982
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time136 min
  • Length3703.44 meters
  • Number of Reels16 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-89340- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date05/10/1978
  • Shooting LocationRahon, Khanna, Ludhiana, Ranjit Studios, Bombay

Jindri Yaar Di is the story of two friends who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for each other. Puran (Sujit Kumar) and Jaggi (Veerendra) are fast friends and the whole village is testimony to their friendship. Puran is a simple hard-working farmer who is always busy with his farming activities. Jaggi is fond of cards and is always winning though not necessarily by fair means every time. He also wants to win the love of Shanti (Padma Khanna), the daughter of the local temple’s Pujari. However, Shanti hates the gambler Jaggi and has already given her heart to Puran, unknown to anyone else. Lajo (Komilla Virk) and her mother (Satya Devi) from the city come to the village to stay with her aunt (Sukhbir Kaur) and her cousin Preeto (Renu). Lajo falls head over heels in love with Jaggi when he saves her honour from the hands of thugs. But Jaggi is not responsive to Lajo’s love. In fact, he is totally engrossed in the act of gambling and his infatuation with Shanti. One day, Jaggi wins the game by foul means from Bagga and refuses to return the stake money despite Bagga’s pleas. Bagga was to purchase medicines for his son Pappu but he loses the money in gambling. By the time Jagga reaches his house, Pappu is dead. His mother goes hysterical and blames gambling for the death of her son. This incident deeply hurts the conscience of Jaggi and he vows not to gamble in the future. Jaggi turns a new leaf in his life and requests his friend Puran to make efforts to convince Shanti to agree to his marriage proposal. Shanti tactfully declines the offer and instead asks Puran to respond to the silent calls of her love for him. 
In the meantime, in order to marry Jaggi, Lajo plans to seek a favour from Puran. She ties a rakhi to Puran and in return, she asks for Jaggi in marriage. Initially, Puran declines but Lajo is bent upon getting Jaggi. On the other hand, Jaggi, mad in his love for Shanti, abducts her. Her mother Durga Maa seeks help from Puran, who follows Jaggi. Just when he is about to capture Shanti, gangsters strike. Both the friends Puran and Jaggi face the goons with all their might. Jaggi is seriously injured in the gunfire and is hospitalized. Keeping in view his deteriorating condition, Puran again requests Shanti to marry Jaggi and save his life. Shanti says that she can sacrifice her life for the sake of friendship but cannot accept any other person as her partner. Jaggi overhears their conversation and realizes how his friend Puran is prepared to sacrifice even his own love for his sake. Finally, Jaggi places Shanti’s hand in Puran’s hand while Shanti gives Lajo’s hand to Jaggi.