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Main Aur Mera Bhai (1961)

  • Release Date1961
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4321.75 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-34363-MUM
  • Certificate Date23/12/1961

All dreams of life seldom come true and many wishes remain unsatisfied all along.
The two twin sons of Lala Jagatnarayan, the High court judge, namely Ramesh and Rajesh resemble so much in the facial description that even their parents used to commit mistakes for one another.
One was illuminator of the world while and the other found delight in the darkness around.
Asha, the daughter of retired officer Mr. Misraji, was highly esteemed by both. But Asha mistook them for one another. Asha gets betrothed to Ramesh which causes deep concern to Rajesh and he feels jealous of Ramesh.
Finding no further interests in life, Rajesh goes astray. He comes in contact with a society girl named Shabnam, who for her own ends misdirects him and forces him to become a smuggler. Now Rajesh was strolling in gold, but he was caught red-handed and was sentenced. The father who was suffering from heart trouble could not bear this shock and expired of heart failure.
Rajesh remains unchanged even after his release and there is a combat between the two brothers. The mother tries to intervene but unluckily she falls from the ladder and losses her eyesight. Rajesh while doing his misdeeds is made to kill one Seth of Delhi who also dealt in the smuggling business. But the unfortunate part of the theme is that Ramesh who happened to be in the same hotel at that time was mistaken for Rajesh and arrested. Now Rajesh was approaching his end of life in that murder prosecution, and his mother was pining away her last days without her eyes.
Asha was fully entangled in the plot of Rajesh. Shabnam also fell prey and was murdered by Rajesh.
Police are under suspense and to who of the two is the real murderer. In the end how this mystery was solved, how Ramesh was saved, and how the mother has bestowed back the light of her eyes.!
See and do see the same on the silver screen.

[from the official press booklet]



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