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Kasam Teri Kasam (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Ravi (Krishan Kumar) is the only son of Dharamdutt (Alok Nath) who is a millionaire with a construction business. Alonwith being a brilliant architect, Ravi is also an obedient son and as such is liked by one and all in his father' company. Dharamdutt always treated his son at par with the other staff Annu (Kanchan) is the daughter of Dharamdutt's Late friend Manmohan (Bharat Kapoor) who was a poet. She comes to stay with Dharamdutt after completing her studies and designing course.

Dharamdutt appoints Annu in his office as Ravi's assistant. Annu wins everyone's heart in Dharamdutt's family with her simplicity and affectionate behaviour but at the same time she loses her heart to Ravi, and Ravi being very busy in his work does not realise her feelings for him and only considers Annu to be a good friend of Jaikishan (Kiran Kumar). Whenever the topic of marriage was broached Annu would always be under the impression that they were talking about her marriage to Ravi. Since he was to marry Dharamdutt's childhood friend's daughter and she happened to be one. But Ravi eventually marries Rita and Annu's dreams are shattered.

However Annu bears all the pain and always keeps a smiling face.

Rita who has returned from London has no value for the Indian way of life and sentiments. She cannot get alongwith Ravi and soils his life to such an extent that he withdraws into himself and dislikes everything's around him.

Rita forces Annu to stay in the out house. Dharamdutt is saddened with all these happenings, but cannot tell anything to Rita and slowly his life is filled with sadness and anguish.

Dharamdutt's brother-in-law (Avtar Gill) and Saxena (Raza Murad) who looks after Jaikishan's business in India also play a role in demolishing Dharamdutt's empire.
Further Dharamdutt's is shocked to hear about Rita's abortion, he could not bear the news and dies due to a massive heart attack.

Dharamdutt's will is read out in the presence of Jaikishan who has arrived from London. Dharamdutt's brother-in-law and Saxena are shocked to hear the contents of the will. The property is divided into two, one half goes to Ravi and other half goes to Annu.

Dharamdutt's brother-in-law Saxena start plotting their next evil move to grab the property and Bobby (Mohnish Behl) who is introduced as Rita's friend joins them in their evil designs.

Annu meets with an accident and is injured seriously. Fortunately Raghuveer (Anupam Kher) & Kaka (Rakesh Bedi) help her recover.

Annu in her dismay goes far away from Ravi to an unknown place.

Ravi's life is shattered, he is very depressed and as a result starts drinking heavily.

Rita's father Jaikishan holds Rita responsible for Dharamdutt's death and Ravi's pathetic condition and slaps her.

At this point in her anger decides to get Annu killed, whom  she thinks is the root cause of all the problems. But she understands Annu's sacrificing nature and selfless love and realises her mistake. She feels ashamed of herself and rushes to save Annu's life.

But who survives...?

Rita or Annu...?

What is Ravi fate...?

For all your answers...See... "KASAM TERI KASAM".

(From the official press booklets)


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