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Khoobsurat Dhoka (1959)

  • LanguageHindi

Piracy was rampant on the high seas and Jabbar, the blood-thirsty pirate, was playing havoc with human life and property. Nothing was safe when Jabbar was round. He mocked at the laws of the land and defied the Sultan.
Jabbar's increasing atrocity became a headache for the Sultan and he commanded Subedar Rashid to bring Jabbar to book.
Rashid asked the help of his friend Murad, who once lead the life of a pirate, but was now leading an honest and straightforward life. Murad agreed to help Rashid and unsheathed his sword once again, this time in the name of law and justice.
On the ship Murad met a young and beautiful girl Salma who fell in love with him at first sight. Anwar, who was travelling with Salma, and who himself was in love with her always looked for an opening to humiliate Murad before Salma, knowing that the girl had begun to neglect him and had fallen for the ex-pirate. Murad was very patient and he did not take any notice of Anwar's provocations.
While Murad's ship was on its way, Jabbar and his men happened to see it and the blood-thirsty pirate and his men landed on Murad's shop. There was looting and bloodshed and a short while later Jabbar took command of the whole situation.
Two masters of the craft - two finest sword-man of that time came face to face with each other. The recognition was instant and there was hatred in their eyes. But the time was not ripe for Murad to have a showdown. He did not want to start something that would bring himself and his Salma into trouble. He had yet to accomplish his mission of apprehending Jabbar.
Murad told Jabbar that he was after a big treasure of diamonds and pearls and if Jabbar agreed, both could be profited. Jabbar was interested in the proposition and besides he had lied Salma also.
Jabbar was impatient to start at once for the treasure hunt but Murad insisted that the ships must be careened and repaired first so that they could successfully clash with the armed fleet which was to carry the treasure.
Murad thus averted the danger that threatened his and his men's life. But how long could he fool Jabbar ? Jabbar was getting impatient but Murad managed to delay the repairs.
One day, Jabbar saw Salma taking bath in the lagoon and could not resist the temptation and got out of control. There was a terrific struggle and before Jabbar could succeed in his nefarious design. Murad arrived and it appeared as if that would be the breaking point for the ever patient Murad. But his calculating mind held his hand back from his sword and he allowed Jabbar to get away with that unpardonable crime of having tried to molest the one woman whom he loved most. Jabbar was humiliated and frustrated.
The suspense began to mount and the tension started to get on everybody's nerves.
Then one day Murad knew that the expected help was at hand and the hour to strike had arrived. He had to strike mercilessly. Murad unsheathed his sword which was itching to come out for Jabbar's blood. Jabbar, too, on his part was waiting for a showdown. Two masters of fencing and sword-fighting bared their swords and fought like devils.
Jabbar tried all tricks in his bag of swords craft to kill Murad but was frustrated in every attempt. The fight was long and bloody -- terrific and nightmarish, the outcome of which left the spectators gasping with surprise and awe. The greatest swordsman of all times and the most brutal killer of that period, Jabbar was annihilated by Murad in a straight and honest fight. The rest was only the mopping up of Jabbar's men.
Thus, the state was rid of the greatest curse of the pirates once and for all and there was great rejoicing all over with Salma and Murad united together for the rest of their lives.

(From the official press booklets)