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Kohra (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

In the prime of youth two youngsters studying together looking in each other eyes & seeing deep something attractive & then falling in love & ultimately their parent knowing this love affair & showing some unwillingness & then boy's departure for training to learn the earning is not exactly the story of "KOHRA". It is just a line. The entire chapter starts excitingly when Anand leaves for police training. 

This youthful couple (Arman Kohli & Ayesha Julka) were coming closer & close in thought & in appearance, in dream & in reality, where Deepak comes in between the two.

Deepak is carrying a doll with hidden diamonds worth fifty crores, belonging to the country's notorious smuggler Sirjoan. The diamonds were to be brought by Jakarto (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) but he cleverly made Deepak carry the doll, so that he himself may be out of police net, if at all caught. Two other smugglers also adopt various methods to get the doll and both of them, Tinu (Gulshan Grover) & Peter decide to have diamonds from Nisha (Ayesha Julka) thinking that she is the carrier.

One day when it is mist & mist everywhere, the four criminals pounce upon Nisha, they chase her & in a chemical factory she looses her eyesight, when a chemical gas burst & the poisonous smoke enter into her eyes. Nisha becomes blind. The search for the doll containing diamonds do not end. On one side four criminals Jakarto, Tinu, Peter and

Sirjoan are madly after the doll, while police is after those four.

One dark night all the four criminals catch hold of Nisha in her house, where she was all alone.

They got the doll in their possession but were shocked to see that there were no diamonds in the doll. Diamonds worth fifty crores were and how have they vanished? Who was Sirjoan? to find out where the Diamonds are? You need not put strain, see Heera International's "KOHRA".

(From the official press booklets)

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