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Kurmai (1941)

  • Release Date29/08/1941
  • GenreSocial
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time142 min
  • Length3870.96 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberP - 339/ Lahore

Kahan (Wasti) is the only son of his widowed mother. Lajwanti (Shanti) and Shano are his two younger sisters, and Lajwanti has reached a marriageable age. Kahan’s mother and his maternal uncle, a hot-tempered Brahmachari, send Kahan to another city to find a groom for Lajwanti. While he is met with disappointment almost everywhere, he meets an old Mullah, who is on the lookout for a groom for his daughter Pilloo (Radha Rani). The Mullah and Kahan hit it off immediately, and Kahan happily agrees to marry Pilloo. He sends a telegram home saying things have been settled, asking them to come to Mullah Shah’s house.

Overjoyed, they set out at once, but are shocked to see that Kahan has made arrangements for his own marriage instead of his sister’s. Kahan marries Pilloo, and they go home together. Kahan is so taken with his new bride that he cannot keep his hands off her.

However, Lajwanti is still unwed. Although Kahan dislikes being away from his wife, he has to go looking for a groom once more with his uncle in tow.

Kahan and his uncle’s search proves to be in vain. Unable to bear the pain of separation any longer, Kahan goes back home, leaving his uncle behind. When his mother confronts him, he lies to her saying he has found a young, handsome and educated boy from a respectable family in Chicho-ki-Mallin for Lajwanti. His lies are soon revealed, however, when his uncle returns.

Eventually, the family finds a groom for Lajwanti in Wazirabad, but his father demands a huge dowry, forcing them to sell their family assets. Lajwanti is married and moves to her in-laws’ house. When her father-in-law realizes that her family still owes him Rs. 37000/- , he promptly sends her back. Kahan and his uncle set out to teach him a lesson.




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