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Lakhpati (1948)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationShree Sound Studios, Dadar

In his materialistic world, money makes or mars the life of a man. 'LAKHPATI' vividly picturizes how this money making madness leads a man to the meanness.

NIRANJAN, an engineer, though not wealthy, enjoyed a happy life. His wife SHOBHNA, young sister NIRMALA, and loving daughter KAMALA - their love and laughs kept his home humming with happiness. NIRMALA & KISHORE - secretary to Seth SHAMLAL - cherished love for each other and NIRANIAN-SHOBHNA were anxious to see that their cherished love results in happy marriage. But man proposes & God disposes.

SHOBHNA & NIRANJAN had in their college days, a companion in LALIT. LALIT loved SHOBHNA and wanted to marry her. But SHOBHNA didn't respond and married NIRANJAN. Frustration in love-and that too in youth? LALIT decided to ruin the married life of SHOBHNA. When SHOBHNA-NIRANJAN were enjoying life under the moon-rays LALIT, like a cloud, entered their life and brought with him a cyclone.

In the disguise of a friend, he inspired NIRANJAN to go to races-to become a millionaire within the twinkling of eyes. But NIRANJAN lost heavily. Not content with this, LALIT proved SHOBHNA unfaithful to NIRANJAN by showing false photograph and succeeded in driving out SHOBHNA, then an expectant mother.

But NIRANJAN's hobby of racing was on the point of dragging him to the court. LALIT advised him to marry NIRMALA with Seth SHAMLAL and to get rid of this trouble. On the other hand, SHOBHNA gave birth to a child in orphanage. But LALIT's thirst for avenge didn't allow that child to take a breath of relief. One state wanted a child as its heir and NIRANJAN wanted money for the treatment of ailing KAMLA. The father was prepared to kidnap his own child for the sake of money-what else a greater fall of a man can than this be?

But destiny has its strange ways. How the souls separated by the cyclone of circumstances, meet together through the exiting and heart-throbbing incidents can better be seen on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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