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Laqshya (1994)

  • Release Date01/02/1994
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time150 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA

Laqshya is the story of one man's crusade against corruption in society particularly in the field of education. His aim is to put an end to those hideous elements of society who play around with the education system and destroy the lives and careers of the youth of India.

Raj is a simple motor mechanic whose only family consists of his sister Mamata, a brilliant student. Mamta's only aim in life is to become a doctor and treat the poor and needy.
Meanwhile Shankatha Prasad, a minister uses his influence to get his daughter Nikki admitted into a Medical College thereby depriving Mamta of her seat. Mamta not one to take things lying down threatens to expose the scandal and goes to a newspaper editor where Shankatha Prasad gets her killed by an underworld don - Makhan Lal.

Raj is shattered. He feels his world has come to an end. His three friends and Ritu, the love of his life try to offer him solace but to no avail.

Soon Raj begins to suspect the involvement of Inspector Kharat in the conspiracy to kill his sister. Here Kharat's wife Usha comes to Raj's rescue and gets Kharat to admit his guilt and hand over the names of all the persons involved. Kharat now at a loss as to what to do shoot his wife. Raj attacks Kharat and in the ensuing struggle, Kharat accidentally pulls the trigger on himself. Raj is now a criminal 'wanted" by the police.

Raj's aim in life is now clear. To avenge his sister's death and free the society of such leaders like Shankatha Prasad who stop at nothing to fulfill their own personal ambitions and fill their pockets..

Finally after a long and hard struggle, faced with constant dangers Raj achieves his "LAQSHYA".

(Fro the official press booklet)