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Lootera (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

No sooner the King of Persia conquered Amania during 17th Century, the Queen of Amania managed to send away her two sons from her palace through one of her most reliable and brave soldier by name Jarood.

The ship on which Jarood and the two young Princes were one board could not face the high waves of the sea and the sea storm smashed the ship into wreckage. Luckily Prince Shah Zaman the eldest brother was caught by the Sea Pirates whereas the younger prince Darang came into the custody of the slave seller.

The day came when both the princes became young, strong and handsome. Darang as a slave was brought in the bazars of Amania, where Princess Shabana looked at him and fell in love after seeing his strength, courage and valour. The Vazir of Princess Shabana could not bear the rousing love of princess with Darang and was jealous. He chalked out a plan and was successful in sending Darang to Jail. Darang met his mother in Jail and took an oath to take revenge from each and every one who came in his way. He escaped from jail by the help given to him by Princess Shabana. He joined the group of Sea Prates and one night entered the palace of the ruling king of Amania, where he found the king murdered by the Vazir. Darang was taken into custody but once again he escaped.

There the Vazir was determined and bent upon to marry princess Shabana by force or by any other means. Princess Shabana by the help of her maid servants succeeded to run away from the palace. She was caught by the sea pirates and brought before Shah Zaman. She danced before him and Shah Zaman seeing her beauty and art fell in love with her. Shabana was really charming and beloved.

Shabana was to be sold and the bid from Shah Zaman was declared fifty thousand Dinnars but Darang came in the way and declared the bid amount ot be the way and declared the bid amount to be the doubled (i.e. one lac Dinnars). Feelings of jealousy were born in between Shah Zaman and Darang. To win Shabana they were bent upon to kill one another and decided for a duel unto death to win Shabana-the most charming princess.

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