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Masterji (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

MASTERJI is a love story of a different kind. It is a love story of a mischievous and childish village girl Radha (Sri Devi) and a matured widower Prakash (Rajesh Khanna) who has come to the village to teach the school children.

Prakash's (Masterji) first wife had died leaving him with a baby. Prakash loves his child and refuses to marry a second time. He feels that any Step-Mother will treat his child with hatred.

Radha does not give up. She loves Prakash and wants to marry him. Prakash refuses, but Radha creates a situation where Prakash is forced to marry Radha.
Now the drama of MASTERJI starts. Although forcibly married to Radha, Prakash does not live with her a life which normal couples lead. Radha does everything possible in the world woman can do to please her husband and his child.

Does she succeed in changing the attitude of her husband and if so how? It's the question 'MASTERJI' will answer.

(From the official press booklets)


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