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Shiva Dada (1991)

  • LanguageHindi, Tamil

Ram Chander is working as a college lecturer. He always had belief in god. His wife Seeta Devi follows her husband's feet steps. They have no children and brought up Ram Chander's brother Shiva as their own child. Shiva who had completed his college education is hunting for a good job. During his interviews, he meets Rekha, (Shanthi Priya) daughter of K.D.K. Das who is very rich and highly influential. Shiva by his intelligence and skillfulness becomes the general manager. 

K.D.K. Das with his assistant Poppat Lal and M.P. Umesh Sharma plans to put all the blames of the company on Shiva. K.D.K. Das brings his son video Babu from America to attack Shiva 

Shiva & Rekha love each other and confirm their marriage with the permission of their elders. Mr. K.D.K. Das plans and pot only spoil the marriage but also gets arrested Ramachander Rao on a false charge of murder case. Shiva revolts against Villains. Video Babu hits a plan & creates that Shiva is having illegal connection with Madhumati (Silk Smitha) a model girl.

 Rekha believes that and hates Shiva. Finally, Shiva attacks their plans and proves his innocence & gets arrested all the Villains. Rekha comes to know the facts & joins Shiva.