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Mehboob Mere Mehboob (1992)

  • LanguageHindi

This is an immortal love legend dating back to hundreds of years ago and yet it is still fresh as ever. On the either side of river Chinab dwelt two families, one at Takhat Hazara and the other at Jhang. Two rich families from these places and family rivalry form their early generations and they could never think of pardoning each other. But fate had written its own course in its own way. A beautiful girl Heer belonging to the family of Jhang and a boy Ranjha belonging to the family of Takhat Hazara, when came face to face, fell in love with each other. It was true as pious love which had to end in their union. Like said earlier, fate had written the story in a different way, which involved lots of hardships in the way of these tender love birds. Heer's uncle Kaido who was a wily man did his best never to allow Heer and Ranjha to get together, and he did succeed in his endeavour. Heer is married to another rich boy Saida Khan but she does not submit herself to Saida Khan as she thinks that she has been born only for Ranjha. Incident takes a dramatic turn and the King had to intervene and he directs that Heer and Ranjha should be married. It is a joyful time for both the families as it meant the end of age long rivalry between them. Amidst all happiness Ranjha brings the barrat and is married to Heer. Here again Kaido, plays his last dirty trick and gets Heer bitten by a deadly snake. On admitting that he has got Heer killed, Ranjha in rage kills Kaido there and then. Ranjha prays to God that if his love for Heer is true then he should also be united with her God listens to him for Ranjha Collapses and dies by the side of Heer.

(From the official press booklet)