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Mohabbat (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

MOHABBAT is a love story of an innocent girl Roopa and Shekhar. They met, liked each other and fell in love. But when the barrier of dowry came in between their love, they rebelled against the dowry system and decided to elope and get married. Roopa succeeded in getting away from her house, but Shekhar was struck by the electric current and could not fulfill his promise.

When disappointed Roopa reached her home the news of her eloping had spread throughout the village like a wild fire. Roopa's father, Chowdhry Karan Singh, could not bear this humiliation and decided to commit suicide. Before he could succeed in this attempt, his best friend Gama reached there and saved Chowdhry's life. Roopa who was the darling of her father, felt so miserable at her father's plight that she decided to sacrifice her love at the alter of his wishes. On the other side when Shekhar regained consciousness, he fought with his parents and left the house and came to Roopa's village. "Gama" gave him shelter against the wishes of villagers because Roopa was just like a daughter to him and he knew that though outwardly she was against marrying Shekhar but within her heart she loved him. Gama takes up the cause of uniting them. Chowdhry became furious at Gama's antics and fixed up Roopa's marriage with Atmaram. This new shattered Gama.

Gama being a village doctor knew that Atmaram was suffering from despicable and contagious diseases which he had got by visiting prostitutes. Gama fell at Chowdhry's feet and begged him for Roopa's happiness by not marrying her to Atmaram. When Chowdhry did not give an ear to Gama's pleading, Shekhar came forward and declared, that he would fight against this injustice.

On the other hand, Roopa's mother could not see her daughter's agony. She counselled Roopa to run away with Shekhar. She made it clear to her that though she herself had suffered throughout her life due to the false ego and pride of her husband but for the sake of daughter's happiness, she would not mind even becoming a widow.
What was the end of this love story?

Could mother succeed in demolishing this wall of ego?

Could Shekhar save his love from disastrous? 

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