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Mujhe Insaaf Chahiye (1983)

  • LanguageHindi

Malti (Rati Agnihotri) is a teenager girl learning typing in an institute run by Abdul Latif (Asrani). Suresh (Mithurn Chakraborty) sees her one day and decides to win her love. Malti thwarts all his attempts in the beginning. But her resistance breaks down in the face of his persistant and vile designs. Taking advantage of her weak moment, he has sex with her.

She becomes pregnant and Suresh discards her like a hot potato. Humiliated and disgraced thus, she doesn't submit to the situation like a coward. She decides to avenge the deceit of Suresh in the face of social redicule and strong opposition of her father. With the help of an eminent Lady Lawyer Shakuntala Devi (Rekha) she drags him to the Court.

Father of Suresh, Daya Shankar (Danny) another eminent lawyer defends his son. She is subjected to a barrage unprintable questions and an avalanche of Vitupersous oratory form Daya Shankar. But she braves on - Shakuntala Devi tells the Court that she herself the victim of Daya Shanker's villainy once and had become an unwedded mother.

Was Malti able to secure justice? Did Suresh like many young men of todays got away with his conquest? And for the answer of many more questions see  MUJHE INSAAF CHAHIYE on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)