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Mujjhe Vachan Do (1983)

  • LanguageHindi

An action oriented and full of thrills story of Chambal's dacoits Sardar Dharamraj, who is loved and respected by the villagers because he helps the poor and needy persons from the loots of rich and corrupts.

Jabbar Khan, leader of another gang of dacoits in Chambal valley is also very close friend of Dharamraj and follows his principles.

Shera - a cruel dacoits' chief and opponent of Dharamraj and Jabbar Khan also leads a different gang who is against the principles and motives of Dharma and Jabbar.

From childhood Dharamraj is in love with a girl called Sumitra who belongs to Thakur's family of the village. Once when Sardar Dharamraj coms to meet her in the village, her brother Nagpal informs the police, where Dharamraj is injured from the police bullet but is being escaped by Sumitra, Dharamraj gets married with her simply by filling Sindoor in her head. In another incident Dharamraj encounters face to face with Police Superintendent Rajiv Roy who gets hurt by Dharamraj and Dharamraj carries him to his den where he is looked after by his wife, Sumitra. Rajiv Roy is impressed by the couple and requests them to surrender with their gang to the police and assures all the best possibilities from the government but Shera stands against their will and attacks on both of them. Dharamraj before death takes a word from Rajiv Roy that he should fulfill his dreams from his gangsters.

What happens to the end of full of emotions and action oriented drama? Whether Rajiv Roy fulfills his promise given to the deceased Dharamraj? Whether Rajiv Roy succeeded in his aim by winning over the dacoits to surrender their arms and ammunitions?

To know all the hidden truths, emotions, actions, full of sentiments, you must accompany your family and friends to witness Mahinder Sandu's "Mujjhe Vachan Do".

(From the official press booklet)