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Muqaddar Ka Faisla (1987)

  • LanguageHindi

"Muqaddar Ka Faisla", is the story of Pandit Krishna Kant. A poor, but extremely honest, upright, God-fearing man, who refuses to compromise on his principles.

Thus suffering one job loss after the other. He is put to humiliations and even imprisonments, but he refuses to compromise - refuses to join hands with the evil.

In his absence from home, their evil minded landlord, Dhanraj attempts to rape Rukmani, Krishna Kant's wife, but in vain. To avenge his defeat, Dhanraj later succeeds in implicating her in a drug running racket.

Tragedy hounds Pandit Krishna Kant everywhere, just because he is incorruptible. He is separated from his wife and  three children. He is on the streets, jobless, penniless, hungry, hurt and lonely.

Raju, a young criminal coaxes and convinces Pandit Babu to do away with his holy robe and to join him as his accomplice.

The dis-illusioned and disenchanted Pandit Krishna Kant throws away his holy robe and puts on the criminal's grab and becomes Master - both in name in crime.

Strange are the ways of destiny. Master, finds himself now, working with Dhanraj & accomplice, the very people who had destroyed him, his soul, his peaceful existence. 

The spate of irony of fates: Raju who has transformed Pandit, a holy man, into a life of crime, unknown to both, is none other than his own eldest son, Raj! Raj, who is in love with Meena, who is trying to reform him is a daughter of a man who has provided shelter to his own mother, Rukmani Devi. The doctor, Harish, whom Raju wants to kill, is Raju's own younger brother! And, the girl Nisha, Dr. Harish wants to get married is the daughter of none other than Dhanraj, who had tried to molest his mother, and had trapped her in a drug running racket and got her imprisoned. The jewels both father and son are about to rob are in the custody of Rukmani, Master's wife and Raju's mother!

Master recognizes his wife- and the wheels of providence take all full roundabout turn.

How little we, mere mortals know, what providence has in store for us, what are the judgments of providence. 

What is, Muqaddar Ka Faisla?

(From the official press booklet)