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Mohabbat Ke Dushman (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

The story centres around a hilly frontier area where dwell two tribes headed by Rehmat Khan and Shahbaaz. Rehmat Khan is the head of one, who enjoys the respect of all the people of different religions. He is wise, merciful and god-fearing. The head of the second is Shahbaaz. He is cruel, debauch, a ruthless person and a terror.

Upon hearing about beautiful Shama, he invades her village, kills her father and later abducts her in an unconscious condition. As she regains consciousness, she is shocked to know that she is with Shahbaaz's keep. She manages to escape and enters a 'Dargah' to commit suicide. Here Rehmat Khan's mother saves her and gives her shelter in her house.

On the auspicious day of Idd, she sings a song of love and peace. Rehmat Khan falls in love with her. As the love between Rehmat Khan and Shama fully blossoms, cunning Shahbaaz spreads a propaganda that Shaha is a prostitute. Rehmat Khan is confident that whatever has been said about Shama could never be true, but he is unable to convince his mother.

In the meanwhile, Shahbaaz comes to know that Shamsheer wants to marry Reshma, the only sister of Abu. In a lonely place, she is surrounded by Shamsheer and Shahbaaz's men. A battle begins and Abu gets stabbed. Before dying, he persuades sister Reshma to flee to Rehmat Khan's house. Abu had once saved the life of Rehmat Khan and hence Rehmat gives her shelter in his house. In this house lives an obedient servant of Rehmat Khan named Hashim. When Reshma meets him, she is thrilled to know that Hashim is her childhood lover. Reshma's and Hashmi's love becomes as intense as Rehmat's and Shama's. Rehmat Khan's mother finally decides to arrange the marriage of Reshma with Rehmat Khan. To avoid any unpleasantness in the marriage of Rehmat and Reshma, Shama leaves quietly. But on the way, she is confronted by Shahbaaz and his men. Rehmat Khan's dearest friend Pandit, tries to rescue her, but in vain. In the darkness of weather, Shama escapes. Rustom a close friend of Rehmat Khan, gives her shelter. In order that the marriage between Rehmat and Reshma be performed smoothly, Hashim also leaves the place on horseback. Reshma follows shouting that she will live and die only with him.  Unknowingly, they reach Shahbaaz's area. Shahbaaz catches hold of Reshma and wisks her away forcibly instructing his henchmen to kill Hashim. Shamsheer feels happy to find Reshma in Shahbaaz' gang, but Shahbaaz shoots him dead. As Rehmat comes to know about Hashim and Reshma, he rides speedily towards the den of Shahbaaz. His mother and maid servant follow him on horseback, followed by Rustom and Shama.

Gun shots boom around and a fierce fight ensues between Rehmat Khan and his companions on one side, and Shahbaaz with his brutal gang on the other side. With a gun in hand Shahbaaz holds Reshma, and his henchmen hold a gun on Hashim's head. Later when they realize that their ammunition has exhausted, Shahbaaz forces Rehmat and his companions to surrender.

Helplessly, they stand to face the bullets of Shahbaaz.

And.......! Will evil win in the end??? See on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)