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Muskarahat (1943)

  • LanguageHindi

One smiles under different circumstances and each smile has a history. One smiles in LOVE-SUFFERING-PAIN and also when one looses his way in life.

Smile tides over difficulties-and tightens the candle of hope.

Muskarahat is a story of SMILES, starring Motilal - a University boy;   Vanmalla-a University girl.

They meet under peculiar circumstances - they fall in love - they begin to understand each other.

Vanmalla refuses to be called modern, for "if the meaning of our education is to make us forget our culture and Rural India, then it is no education- but a glorified ignorance".

Their love develops - and one day Mitilal proposes. "I cannot marry you", she replies. "because I am already engaged by my father, "How can you marry a man you have not seen" he retorts; adding "You are educated". If education means that I should revolt against my father and family", she retorts, "then it would have been better that I was not educated."

There is a conflict of so called old and new sentiments. Motilal realises that University education cannot suit the present day conditions.

Revolt of the youth against old traditions is the cry, but certainly not in the ashes of the old traditions. If the old is found bad, certainly kill it, but substitute it with something good and fine.

"Education is like the only window in a dark room" Vanmalla open that window by starting a school in a village.

"India is rural-India is ignorant-India is........" all types of names are given and India takes it with a smile. If anything has saved India from cultural conquests-it is the women, and her faith in religion....

Vanmalla represents that womanhood, fighting, struggling like a ship between two storms.

One day father and mother of Moti meet Vanmalla. They do not understand her. They accuse her. She hears all the abuses. It makes her mad with anger. It is like the deathly old wind - silently she bears all the agony. She collapse under mental strain. Her life hangs in balance.

The village prays for her. Moti tries to bring her from this mental stupor, saying "You gave them hope-and now do not cheat them by closing that window of sunshine and hope."

On hopes-love and India's India,-

We have based our story MUSKARAHAT - unfolding before you the struggles, the conflicts and the trials of modern youth.

(From the official press booklet)