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  • Real Name: Nazir Ahmed Ghory
  • Born: 11th August, 1901 (Bombay)
  • Died: 9th December, 1977 (Pakistan)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi

Nazir Ahmed Ghory, popularly called Ghory, was born in Bombay in 11th August, 1901. At that time, he was one of the few actors in the cinema industry who had graduated from the university. His first break into films was with Bhagwati Prasad Mishra’s film Alladin and His Wonderful Lamp in 1927 under the banner of Imperial Film Company. He was also a part of the Mohan Bhavnani’s much-acclaimed silent film The Magic Flute (1929).  He transferred through companies until he went to Ranjit Film Company where he starred in a few silent films. He met with great success after being paired with Dixit. Ghory moved to Pakistan during the Partition. Some accounts say that he continued acting in films such as Anokhi Mandi, Funkar etc(1956) after moving to Pakistan. It was on 9th December, 1977 Ghory passed away. 

Any discussion of comedy stars in Indian cinema will be incomplete without the names of, perhaps the first comic duo in India- Ghory and Dixit. They were popularly referred to as the Laurel and Hardy of India. The Laurel and Hardy of Indian cinema – Ghory and Dixit- were first paired together in Char Chakram in 1932 directed by Jayant Desai. Most of the films starring the duo were directed by Jayant Desai.  Some of the most popular and beloved films of the duo are Char Chakram, Bhutia Mahal (both 1932) , Bhool Bhulaiya, Bhola Shikar (both 1933). Charlie, another popular comedy actor also starred with the duo in Nadira (1934). The duo was part of Ranjit Studio until 1947. 

Initially, based on their body structure Dixit took on the role of Hardy while Ghory played Laurel’s part, although later their characters evolved beyond that. Unlike the Hollywood duo who were also the leads in their films, the Indian counterpart Ghory and Dixit didn’t enjoy the same privilege. Soon after Dixit’s death, his friend and partner Ghory moved to Pakistan. Unfortunately, most of the works of this comedy duo have been lost forever.