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Naag Panchami (1953)

  • GenreFantasy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationPrakash Studios, Sreekant Studios, and Nav Bahar Studios Ltd.

Thousands of years ago in India there was a King named CHANDRADHAR who was well known as CHAND SAUDAGAR. He was a great devotee of BHAGWAN SHANKARA.

At that time AMANSA the human daughter of BHAGWAN SHANKARA, who was well known as NAG RANI (Queen of Serpents) came to know of the fact that she was the daughter of Bhagwan Shankara who was worshipped in all the corners of the world. It came into her mind that alongwith Shankara and Parwati, she should also be worshipped in this world. She made known her desire to her father. Shankara told her, that worship was done through heart and not by force. However, if Chandradhar agreed to worship her then whole world could worship her. Hearing this she went to Chandradhar and asked him to worship her. But Chandradhar declined to bow before anyone except God Shankara and Goddess Parvati. Mansa was enraged at this and destroyed all the six sons of Chandradhar through her snakes. But Chandradhar remained adamant. Mansa grew furious, but this time employed other means. She brought round to her side Chandradhar's Queen SANKA by showing her great miracles. The Queen also entreated her husband to worship Mansa but to no avail Mansa tried another trick.

She blessed Rani Sanka with a son, so LAKSHMENDRA the last son of King Chandradhar was born, who became a young blooming Rajkumar. One day the Rajkumar went for a hunting and entered the borders of the Kingdom of RAJA SHASHIDHAR. By chance Raja's daughter BEHULA had also gone for sightseeing on the very day in the same jungle. Thee she got separated from her friends and a lion attacked her. Rajkumar also reached that place and threw an arrow at the lion. But the lion escaped unhurt and a snake king fell a victim to that arrow. Behula thanked the stranger and went on her way. Soon the sepoys of Shashidhar arrived on the spot and arrested the Rajkumar for killing the snake king and presented him in the King's Court. But by Behula's witness the Rajkumar was set free of the charge. On knowing that the Rajkumar was his friend's son, Shashidhar forced him to stay at his palace. Soon the romance of first sight between Behula and Lakshmendra blossomed in the marriage of both. But nature willed otherwise.

At the time of the birth of Lakshmendra the Royal astrologer had predicted that the Rajkmar would die of snake bite on the night of marriage. 

Chandradhar therefore got a palace made of iron by an expert Engineer Vishwa Wardhman in which even air could not go in. Lakshmendra and Behula were sent there to pass the blissful night. But Destiny could not be changed. Under threats from Mansa Vishwa Wardhman betrayed his master and left a little hole in the palace and a serpent entering trough it killed Lakshmendra. Now Sati Behula taks the corpse of her husband with herself and goes on pilgrimage woving to bring back her husband alive within six months.

She underwent thousands of trouble but never allowed her Pati Vrata Dharma to be marred by a single blot. Smiling she bore the brunt of Mansa's wrath. 

Did she succeed in her Vow? Did Mansa succeed in per endeavour? Was Chandradhar successful in his devotion? How the sacred day of Nag Panchami came to be celebrated? 

For solution of all these questions see Naag Panchami on silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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