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Raman B Desai

  • Born: 28 April, 1918 (..)
  • Died: 22 December, 1997 (Bombay)
  • Primary Cinema: Hindi

Film director, producer and screenwriter Raman B Desai was born on 28 April, 1918. Desai has films such as Grihalakshmi (1959), Chandi Pooja (1957), Mohini (1957), Naag Mani (1957), Ram Navami (1956), Navratri (1955), Waman Avtar (1955), Chakradhari (1954), Hari Darshan (1953), Naag Panchami (1953), and Raja Harishchandra (1952) to his credit. Many of his films were woven around popular religious themes as well as social topics and mythologicals, which were the favoured cinematic subjects of the time. His Chakradhari came at a time when the Registration of Marriages Act was introduced in free India. It explored the theme of a man's love for his wife, his spiritual awakening in his wife's home as he marries daughters of the same household, and the presence of the divine in this world. It starred Nirupa Roy, Trilok Kapoor and Shahu Modak. Desai’s Raja Harishchandra, starring Prem Adib, Sumitra Devi, and Bipin Gupta, was a retelling of the famous story of Raja Harishchandra, Ayodhya's King, who is destined to give up everything, including his wife, children and his kingdom, in order to follow the path of Dharma. Waman Avtar is based on one of the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu that he took in order to protect mankind. In the form of the dwarf-like Vaman Avatar, Lord Vishnu put an end to the arrogance of King Bali. Grihalakshmi, with a cast comprising Shahu Modak, Nazir, Pandharibai and Lalita Pawar, had songs rendered by Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt and Mohammed Rafi. Mohini told the story of Dadasaheb, who, despite being married and having children, meets Mohini, a folk dancer, and takes her home. Trouble ensues when he declares her his daughter. The film stars Nirupa Roy, Shahu Modak, Krishna Kumari and Shakila

Raman B Desai passed away on 22 December, 1997 in Mumbai. He was 79.