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Parichay (1954)

  • Release Date1954
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3388.76 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-11939-MUM
  • Certificate Date15/12/1954
  • Shooting LocationShree Sound Studios, Bombay

'PARICHAY' is the story of the introduction of two hearts, which met, married but then.....

Geeta, the pretty, prosperous Lucknow girl met Shankar, the young, handsome mine engineer. But as is the case with any Indian girl, love remained a thing of the heart and didn't come to lips, when Shankar got transferred to Assam. Little did Shankar know that his short trip to Assam would mean so much to him. He met with an accident and had to stay for some days at the house of the local village homeopath, whose simple and charming niece Shivani attended on him.

Before he even realized, he found himself neckdeep in love with Shivani. Her innocent simple face and untiring, selfless service won him. The sudden news that she was going to be the victim of cruel dowry-system and was being married off to an old man, invoked Shankar's sympathy. On the advice and persuasion of his jovial sincere artist friend Gopal, he decided to marry her.

When Geeta heard of Shankar's accident she couldn't rest and left for Assam immediately. But the poor girl! She didn't know that idol of her heart, the man she is going to, is at the same time marrying some other girl.

She reaches Assam. Her dream-world is shattered. Her hopes are dashed. Meanwhile, Shankar finds certain things in Shivani which make his married life unhappy.....

But Geeta is there. Geeta has, what Shivani hasn't......

Geeta has brought with her the sweet memories of the past.......

He begins to waver. Human weaknesses set-in. And Shankar is human too.

The sacred tie of marriage seems to be breaking. But does it happen? What happens? and how?

(From the official press booklet)