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Phool Bane Barood

  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationEsel Studios, Film City, Kamalistan, Filmstan & Locations Of Delhi

  PHOOL BANE the story of extra ordinarily rich people of our society. Messers Oberoi, Kapoor, Verma are of that-clan and their hobbies are wine and women. Many young and helpless girls have fallen prey to their lust. To stafisfy their fonds the money has no value for them.

    Sapna is a young and beautiful girl. Messrs Oberoi, Kapoor and Verma make all efforts to take advantage of her helplessness. but sapna ruins their efforts. These men try to purchase her with their unlimited wealth but she does not respond. to get her they take the services of Chander since Sapna is llearning Judo-Karate from Chander. Chander entices Sapna with his plan and put her in love. In turn Oberoi,Kapoor and Verma give Chander a lot of money so that he can arrange his sister Neelu's marriage with great pomp & show. Blinded by the love for his sister, Chander hands over Sapna to Oberoi, Kapoor & Verma. But Sapna outwise them and manages to escape to take revenge from Chander. Oberoi, Kapoor & Verma murder Sapna's father & friend, put her behind bars by putting blame onn her.

    Neelu accuses Chander of committing such a blunder out of sheer greediness. Chander repents & sets off to take revenge from them. But Oberoi, Kapoor & Verma outrage his sister's modesty in his presence. Also both of them are badly beaten up and thrown in Jungle, Neelu breaths Oberoi, Kapoor & Verma. Sapna flees from Jail when she learns the reality:

i) Will Chnader be able to punish his siter's murderers?

ii) Will Sapna be able to take revenge from the Killers of her father & friends ?

iii) Will Oberoi, Kapoor & Verma be able to get the Sapna?

    To know all this, must see PHOOL BANE BAROOD.

(From the official press booklet)