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Police (1944)

  • Release Date1944
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

444…the figures by themselves signify nothing. But when they are affixed on the belt tied round the waist of a person dressed in khaki with cap at an angle on the head and breast spread out – the figures assume the dignity of the defender of the Law and Order – with its heavy burden of responsibility and here goes the story of one of those who form the battalion. 
Flesh of flesh there were two sons of the same mother but what a difference in temperament and deportment Harnath was the elder one – Kashinath the younger one. The elder one believed in acquiring and amassing money at any cost. The younger one believed in social service and wanted to devote his life for the betterment and upliftment of the down-trodden. He chose to be a policeman – he had great regards for the number and his cap. He believed in serving this way. 
Mohan a happy-go-lucky fellow was a man with firm veins on life and education. He was so much in love with college that he took pains not to pass B.A. examination. He was celebrating his 11th failure by throwing a party for his friends and of course Mohan did not forget to invite his friend Kashinath. Sabita, the daughter of the Deputy Superintendent of Police was also there. Kashinath and Sabita met for the first time. 
But they were destined to meet once more and in peculiar circumstances. Sabita was returning from dress rehearsal of drama they were staging under the auspices of Mahila Mandal. The streets presented a deserted atmosphere. Some goondas rushed from behind and snatched away the necklace. Hearing the cry for help Kashinath – who was on the night parole, rushed, picked up the necklace thrown by the goondas, returned it to Sabita and both of them felt that the necklace was drawing one to other. 
Kashinath’s love was thus on to the march. So also was his brother, marching headlong in his attempts to secure money.  The vile ways were detected by Kashinath. The brother quarreled – Harnath left the house. Kashinath’s heart was torn asunder at this. 
Sabita did not know that Kashinath was a mere sepoy. Her father was no wiser on this account. 
Kashinath became a Sub Inspector of Police – his strict sense of duty took him to this position. 
Harnath was rashly pursuing his chase after money. He looted a jeweler, pawned the diamonds with Mohan and started Social Service Corporation. The shady activities of this corporation made the police suspicious. 
They decided to watch the fishy movements of this corporation. They deputed Kashinath on this duty. 
Duty makes heavy demands on one’s sentiments. He had to arrest his friend Mohan – as also his brother Harnath. Harnath ran away after murdering the Police Superintendent. Kashinath chased him to his place, brothers were face to face, and only a glass door stood between them and on staircase was his sister-in-law with tears in her eyes. What a situation brother chasing brother- sister-in-law begging for husband’s life. 
A situation that occurs once in a life time…
How did Kashinath come out of this ordeal? Duty – Love – Respect – who won in this triangular conflict?
Well – see the heart rendering solution on the silver screen.

[from the official press booklet]



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