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Raat Andheri Thi (1967)

  • LanguageHindi

THE NIGHT was dark and two foreigners tried to smuggle very costly things in our country under the cover of darkness. But the police was alert and a trap had been laid for these notorious smugglers. In a gun fight with the police one of the smugglers was killed but the other escaped in that dark night. This encounter with the foreigners set the police in search of the culprits who were assisting these smugglers. 

A murder in the dockyard and a theft of shipment of tractor parts from a godown was the first link in this search for the criminals. The owner of the shipping company sent his manager Anil after Kedarnath whom he doubted to be the head of the criminals Anil followed Kedarnath to Kashmir where he kept a watch on Kedarnath, his friend Sonalal and Sonalai's mistress Rosie who was a dancer in Sonlal's hotel. In this work Anil was helped by his friend Totaram who had a riding club there. 

Anil also met Asha with whom he fell in love. Asha was very much puzzled at Anil's activities and the many attempts at his life. Anil was not shocked by these murder attempts as he was expecting them and was ready, for them. But what shocked him was the discovery that Asha was the niece of arch-criminal Kedarnath. Asha was unaware of her uncle's true identity and Anil did not want to shock her by the disclosure of this unpalatable fact. He started avoiding Asha. His behaviour made Asha furious and she accused him of betraying her love. Anil had to disclose the true reason of his attitude but Asha did not believe him. She angrily left him with a broken heart. 

But when Asha heard her uncle plotting the death of Anil on the extension of the telephone her eyes were to be shot by a musician. Was Asha able to save Anil? opened. She ran away to the night club where Anil was to be shot by a musician.

What happened to Kedarnath and Sonalalal? What was the secret about Rosie, the night club dancer? What was so important about the stolen tractor-parts that the thieves were ready to kill again and again? And how was the foreigner smuggle connected with this whole story? 

Answers to all these baffling questions and much more will be found on the screen in Sargam Chitra's RAAT ANDHERI THI.

(From the official press booklet)