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Raja Hindustani (1996)

  • Release Date15/11/1996
  • GenreAction, Comedy, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time165 mins
  • Number of Reels18
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberCIL-1-65-96-MUM
  • Certificate Date06 /11/1996

RAJA HINDUSTANI is a story of a handsome young man (AAMIR KHAN) living in a small beautiful hill station called Palanket. By Profession he is a Taxi Driver & Tourist Guide. Being an orphan he calls himself Hindustani and lives by his own high standards and values of life. 

Inspite of her wealth, beauty and fame Aarti (KARISMA KAPOOR) is a lonely girl. Aarti's family consists of a doting father, Mr. Sehgal (SURESH OBEROI) and a step mother, Shalu (ARCHANA PURAN SINGH). Unknown to her, Shalu and her brother Swaraj (PRAMOD MOUTHO) are planning to marry Aarti to Swaraj's son Jai (MOHNISH BEHL) in order to control her wealth. 

Aarti decides to visit Palanket, alongwith her servants Kammo (NAVNEET NISHAN) and Gulabo (VEERU KRISHNAN). Here she encounters the handsome and gregarious taxi driver, Raja Hindustani. Raja is instantly smitten with beautiful girl. A deep bond of friendship grows between Aarti and Raja. Gradually Aarti falls in love with the ideal world in which Raja lives alongwith his tiny friend Rajnikant (KUNAL KHEMU), Chacha (TIKKU TALSANIA), Chachi (FARIDA JALAL) & his best friend Balwant Singh (JOHNY LEVER). Aarti realises that Raja is the man of her dreams and despite class differences they get-married.

Shalu and Swaraj now realise that the only way to achieve their goal is to wreak havoc in Raja's life. They weave a deadly web of deception and pain between the couple which succeeds in driving a wedge in their relationship. Can Aarti and Raja overcome the conflicts between them? Can they come out of the web of deceit to find the ideal love that was once theirs?

(From the official press booklet)



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