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Ram Lakhan (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Sharda (Raakhee) gave shelter to her husband's Cousins, Bhishamber and Bhanu (Amrish and Paresh) in her house. But they were devils, enough to throw her out of the House-killed her husband and became owners of the Haveli.

Sharda was left on the Road with her two small sons named Ram and Lakhan. She decides to make Ram­Lakhan her strong weapons to fight against these devils. 

Ram (Jackie) and Lakhan (Anil) grew- but differently.

Ram becomes a strong Police Officer challenging enough for Bhishamber and Bhanu in their business.

But Lakhan grew with a Loose Character-an over ambitious boy who wanted to become rich overnight. So Lakhan decides, rather manages to be a Police Officer in the same area but a corrupt one.

Ram warns him about his bad ending but Lakhan goes ahead and joins the gang to become Rich to fulfil the dreams of his Mother.

And everything gets shattered- including the dream of Mother-the esteemed Love of Two Brothers and so on.

Gang of Villains enjoy and laugh.

Putting everybody in the most dramatic and electrifying situations.

And Ram and Lakhan face it...

How, Why, When, Where ? You have to see it to believe it as one of the biggest mass entertainer with a touch of Class from a film maker like Subhash Ghai.

(From the official press booklet)