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Rocky Mera Naam (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

Rockey is released from jail and by the order from his boss he succeeds in acquiring the secret map of Seth Devidas's hidden treasure. But instead of handing them over to his boss he deposits the map to his sweet heart, who is gang No. 1, for their safe custody, and bluffs his boss under some excuses that perhaps Dharamdas might have succeeded to pocket it before he could do so. But his boss is adamant to have this map by hook or by crook. Rita, the daughter of Seth Devidas is in love with a young man called Kamal who, is very much similar to Rockey in all respects. One day Mona is surprised to see him with a girl and believes him to be Rockey who does not respond her call. But when she sees Rockey by the side of Boss, she is stunned and at the same time apprises and warns the Boss of the realities and facts. Boss tells Rockey to take advantage of appearance and personify himself to be Kamal and at the same time kidnap Rita in order to extract good amount as ransom. At the same time, on the other side a wealthy Devan Kirparam and his companion Kewal Kumar plans that if, some-how, marriage of Rita is solemnised with Kewal Kumar, they can manage to grab the entire property. Rita introduces her uncle Dharamdas to Kamal but he insults him and drives him away with intension of getting Rita married as soon as possible, poor Dharamdas gets entrapped in the wicked plans of Dewan Kirparam and Kewal Kumar, to declare Rita's engagement to Kewal Kumar. Kewal Kumar suspects danger from Kamal during his marriage party and in order to get rid of him he employs unfair means through his goondas and succeeds. But he is shocked by Rockey's presence in the party, thinking him to be Kamal. During marriage party Rockey gives a song which touches the very care of Rita's existence. Her soul is disturbed and she refuses to marry. Gauging the situation Rockey declares himself to be Kamal and manages to kidnap Rita which ultimately confirms Kamal's intention. 

Now under the pretext of Rita's confinement, the Boss tries to extract pretty good cash from Rita's family. 

Ultimately what happened to Rita ? 

Could Kamal clear himself from the misunderstanding and false accusations and blames? 

Were Rockey and Kamal related with each other? Who was the Boss? 

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(From the official press booklet)