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Roop Basant (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

The King of Sangaldwip had two sons-Roop and Basant. The Mahamantri was nursing some grudge against the King, so to take revenge he engaged some men to kill both the Princes, while they were out for hunting in the Jungle. Both the Princes were attacked, but Princess Chandravati of Sunderpur came with her Maid-servants at the nick of time and saved their lives. They both were taken to the tent of the Princess and were treated nicely. 

The ailing mother of Roop and Basant expressed her desire to the king to see Roop married to Princess Chandravati before her death. Her desire was fulfilled accordingly and Roop was engaged to Chandravati, but the wicked Mahamantri was restless. He planned to get Roop and Basant out of his way and in their absence overpower the old king and get the throne. So, after the death of the Queen he introduced a Dancer Chandrawali to the Old King and persuaded the King to marry her. The King hesitated first, but latter on bowed to the wishes of Mahamantri and brought the dancer in his Palace as his new Queen. According to the new plan of Mahamantri, one night the step-mother called Roop in her Chamber and passionately tried to drag him in her bed. Roop was taken aback and tried to run away, but she stood at the door. On hearing the noise in the adjoining Chamber the King reached hurriedly, but the step-mother took a turn and accused Roop of coming to her chamber with a desire to molest her. The king was furious-he ordered loop to be exiled. Basant who was confident of his brother's innocence accompanied his brother in the exile.

 What happened next please come and see on the SILVER SCREEN.

(From the official press booklet)