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Roop Sundari (1964)

  • LanguageHindi

The golden stories of our great women like Seeta, Savitri, Damyanti and Anusuya are still glistening on the pages of our Indian history. And, the story of "Roop Sundari" is in the same line.

Little Sundari, endowed with all the innocence and fascinating charm, was made completely miserable by her heartless step mother and a vindictive step sister. As her cup of miseries filled up to the brim, destiny took a turn and threw a charming prince into her life. They fell in love and, as a result, Sundary became the queen of Kundanpur. The Rajmata, the courtiers and the people were all joyous. But not the villainous Tantrik Chamund, who had an eye on the throne. Evil always finds its own ways.

He made Sundari's step mother a fool for his evil designs. The bait he dangled was Kundanpur's throne for her own daughter - step sister of Sundari. The manipulations bore fruit and they succeeded in parting the lovers, just at the time when Sundari was about to give birth to a child.

Thrown out of her kingdom, destitute, separated from her true love and her child, she suffered and knew no end to her miseries. 

But Nature always takes care of everything! How the wheel of Fate took another turn ? Did Sundari get her husband back ? What happened to the Tantrik and what was in store for his accomplices ? What circumstances the newly born child had to go through ? 

All this could be answered by Chitradoot's "Roop Sundari".

 (From the official press booklet)