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Sachai Ki Taqat (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

"SACHAI KI TAQAT" is the story of a fearless editor of a newspaper. Janardhan (Ashok Kumar) who is not afraid of anybody and who exposes every Black deed in his newspaper.

Ram Singh (Dharmendra) is a Havaldar who considers Janardhan as his Guru and follows his path of Karma and Kartavya. He fights corruption but believes in the rule of law. He has a wife Durga (Amrita Singh) who has made a group of women to fight corruption. She does it by force and unlawful means. So there is a constant tussle between husband and wife. But Ram Singh is not afraid even to arrest his own wife and put her in prison. But later on he goes to Jail and releases her on bail. This is the type of his character and his theory of Karma and Kartavya. 

Janardhan has a son Sagar (Govinda) who helps his father in the newspaper printing. At the same time he is in love with a girl named Rekha (Sonam) who dances in a club under the instructions of her brother Roopesh. 

One day Janardhan receives evidence against a big man Dr. Narender (Shakti Kapoor). He wants to expose him through his newspaper but is murdered before that. Sagar and Havaldar try to find out the masked murderer but Dr. Narender commits another murder and traps Sagar for that murder. Sagar runs away from law and comes for help to Ram Singh. But according to his principles Ram Singh puts Sagar in prison and then goes alone in search of murderers. 

He finds the murderers. He finds the proof. Sagar is acquitted. 

But when Ram Singh comes to his superior officer Anupam Kher he finds that the proofs have been destroyed and the charge of murder has been put on him. The man of law has to run away from law. He meets Sagar. Sagar tells him that in today's world there is no place for truth and principles. 

Did Ram Singh change his principles? Was Sagar Right? From this point the drama achieves gigantic dimensions and culminates into a thrilling climax.

(From the official press booklet)