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Sagar Sangam (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

The Sacred Ganges the river of redemption whose pure waters emanate from the matted hair of Lord Shiva and which travels through the length and breadth of our motherland to merge in the mighty sea at the Bay of Bengal ! 

This confluence is known as 'Sagar Sangam' and on its hallowed banks is situated the hoary pilgrimage center 'Ganga Sagar' which is thronged by pilgrims from far and wide. Not all of them are good souls with good intentions ! Some of them are knaves and thieves and hypocrites ! 

The action of our story 'Sagar Sangam' takes place in a village called 'Devipur'. Though not situated on the banks of Ganges, in it resides a pure hearted woman GANGA DEVI who is both venerable and mysterious. Everyone calls her reverend Mother. She was inducted into the Devipur temple by its preacher, Shivnath Shastry, two decades ago ! 

Devipur is now visited by an externee criminal, Gopi. By a strange coincidence, a law enforcer, Inspector Arjun, is also posted there. There is another set of crooks who gather at Devipur, not only to defile its tranquillity but also to lay their filthy hands on the treasures of the Temple. 

In the course of time, the clash between diverse forces, engulfs the very soul of Devipur. There is abiding love on one side and intense hatred on the other ! The bonds of affection and tenderness exist side by side with the designs of evil forces. 

This strange amalgam is the kernel of our story 'Sagar Sangam'. 

The unique bond between a law enforcer and an externee. 

The amalgam of Love and Sacrifice !

(From the official press booklet)

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