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Sampoorna Teerthyatra (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

Pingla and Uttam were in love with each other in this birth also as in all their previous births. To finalise their marriage, their parents went to Acharya Shankaranand to find out an auspicious date. But Acharya Shankaranand informed them that their marriage would not take place and if it did, it would be unfortunate for Pingla, since he had cursed her in her previous birth, when Uttam who was his son lost  his life  on account of his love for her.

But Pingla took up the challenge of redeeming the curse and she prayed to Mother Goddess who blessed her.

When Pingla and Uttam married, their happiness was short-lived. On their honeymoon night, Uttam turned into a statue of stone. Acharya Shankaranand was very happy to hear the news since his curse had taken effect. Though Uttam was a statue of stone, due to the prayer of Pingla all the Goddesses put life into the stone statue. Pingla was perplexed as to how her husband would take up his original form. Narad Muni seeing her plight, advised her to go on "Sampurna Teerth Yatra" to redeem the curse. All the Goddeses were on the side of Pingla and all the Gods were on the side of Acharya Shankaranand.

Overcoming several hurdles, when with great difficulty, Pingla reached the banks of Mother Ganga, Acharya Shakaranand prevented Pingla from touching Mother Ganga, since if she touched Mother Ganga, her husband would take his original form.

Then what happened ? Did Pingla get Uttam in his original form? See all the holy places of India and these exciting scenes in SAMPURNA TEERTH YATRA on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)