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Sapan Suhane (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

Blood is thicker than water and Shankar loved his step brother more than the real brother.

Shankar, though a Truck-Driver, did not like that his brother should also have the same position. In fact he wanted his brother to have higher education, become an officer and marry him in the rich family. That was the aim of his life. 

Dilip liked the idea of his brother and put his full efforts in the education but simultaneously he wanted the love pang too but temporarily. His choice fell on one young beautiful, clever and sensible vegetable seller girl, by name Bela. His choice of love was to carry on temporarily, but the Vegetable seller girl all along loved him sincerely and her feelings being that Dilip would marry and take her as her legitimate partner. Dilip though himself born from poor family had inferiority complex for this vegetable seller girl and wanted to marry in a rich family so that he could have higher education by going to foreign countries. He forgot the sanctanimity of the girl's fidelity and played his romantic role of love as a play ball, while Shankar knew the fidelity and sobriety and honest ways of give and take. 

Shankar learnt about the infidelity of his brother and he rebuked him and told him, once you give a hand to the girl, you must stick to it till death parts'.

Shankar got married Dilip with Bela but her marriage with Dilip was ruination of her life. 

Neighbourers played their game by inflicting the peace of poison in the family and vice versa, and how did they play this magnanimous part by destroying the love between the two brothers, between wife and husband, may be seen on the Golden Screen.

(From the official press booklet)