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Shaktiman (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of a very rich man called Rai Bahadur Laxmi Narayan and his wife who do not have an off-spring from their marriage, they possess a farm house on the hill-station of Shimla. Where, their care-taker Diler Singh lives with his wife. Diler Singh's wife Parvati delivers a baby boy. Rai Bahadur and his wife ask Diler Singh to give the baby boy to them, so that they can bring-up the child in a royal manner, to which Diler Singh agrees and convinces his wife to part with the child so that her off-spring becomes something in life. As time goes by Rai Bahadur's wife becomes pregnant. Doctors advise her rest, Rai Bahadur brings her to Shimla for the delivery. Diler Singh on coming to know about it gets upset and thinks about the consequence of his own son if they get a baby boy.

Parvati convinces him that if they get a boy they will take back their son. Rai Bahadur has to come back to Bombay on some important work, having behind his wife under the care of Parvati. 

Rai Bahadur's wife slips and falls from the stair-case, dies delivering the baby boy. Diler Singh taking advantage of the situation wants to kill Rai Bahadur's child, Parvati sensing danger flees with the child leaving Shimla. 

After a lapse of 20 years in the city of Bombay, Diler Singh becomes a Taxi driver, Amar (the hero) is a collegian living with his mother (Parvati) and Vikki (son of Diler Singh) living with Rai Bahadur who is a spoilt young man studying in the same college as Amar and Priya (Heroine). Amar and Priya are in love which Vikki hates and wants to win her over. 

Vikki commits a murder and frames Priya for it. Tiger Shamsher Singh a club owner photographs Vikki committing the murder, black-mails Vikki and Vikki black-mails Priya for marriage. Rai Bahadur's real son Amar becomes a police officer and Diler Singh's real son Vikki becomes drunkard and murderer. 

Ultimately what happens? See SHAKTIMAN on the Silver screen a film by K. C. BOKADIA.

(From the official press booklet)