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Kundan (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Shamsher Singh (Amrish Puri) the uncrowned underworld kingpin, strikes terror in the hearts of one and all in Udaipupr. A local scribe (Mukesh Khanna) unveils his misdeeds, paying no heed to Shamsher's constant threats to his life and is eventually murdered by him. The scribe's colleagues proceed to Delhi in order to draw the ministers' attention towards this serious and tragic incident. The barave Kunan Singh (Dharmendra) is the administration's choice for controlling the situation. Sundan's family compromises wife Jyoti (Jaya Pada) and two pets, dog Moti and monkey Raja.
At the very onset, Kundan tells Shamsher that he means business and that, he would soon be behind the bars unless he stops all his criminal activities. Shamsher wants to teach Kundan a lesson and has him kidnapped. Mental and physical torture is inflicted on him. Back home, Jyoti is very upset and tries in vain to seek help of the Police Commissioner. Seeing their mistress in distress, the two pets decide to go in search of their master. With courage and cleverness on their side, they manage to do the impossible and thus, Kundan is freed from the clutches of Shamsher. Kundan Singh is now all the more adamant to put an end to Shamsher's atrocities. The slain scribe's sister (Farha) also joins hands. It's an uphill task, against all odds. Will Kundan succeed? 
To know the answer, you will have to view 'KUNDAN'.