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Shamsheer (1967)

  • LanguageHindi

Jwala and Ganga were the chiefs of their own feudal states and also great friend s so much so that Jwala's wife Dariya  used to invite Ganga to her house on the auspicious day of Rakhi Poonam and tie the Rakhi in his hand as a symbol of her love for him as a sister. This, however, was not liked by Bagh the First-Assistant of Jwala. Jwala had offered the hand of his only daughter Jharana in marriage to Parbat son of Ganga but Bagh did not like this as he had his own plans of getting his son Damadi married to her. Playing a villainous trick Bagh sowed the seeds of hatred in the mind of Jwala for Ganga although Ganga who did not know about these happenings remained always in the dark.

Parbat had won a bravery contest as well as the heart of Jharana. Jwala who had not known that Parbat was the son of Ganga invited Parbat to his place along with his father but when Parbat brings Ganga and introduces him as his father Jwala becomes angry and asks his men chase him and arrest him. Although with the help of Dariya both father and son manage to escape Parbat cannot forget the insult flung at him. In the meanwhile Damadi marriage to Jharana by force is being celebrated when Parbat kidnaps Jharana and takes her to his father proving to him that he too is anxious to avenge the insults flung at him and his father. But Ganga does not approve of this action of his son and takes his son to Jwala as a culprit. Jwala, who should have seen the goodness of Ganga fails to appreciate it and announces Jharana's marriage to Damadi and puts both Ganga and Parbat under arrest with orders to kill them after the marriage ceremony was over.

Marriage was fixed for the next day. Watch on the screen what happens on the fateful day.

(From the official press booklet)