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Shan E Khuda (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

KARIMBAX, a wealthy man of Lucknow always visits Ajmer to pay his respects to Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chistie, the great Saint of Ajmer. This year he has come with his issue1ess Begum to take part in the URUS at Ajmer Sharif. There, Begum gets attracted by a girl called Fatima, who has also come there with her father Ramzan Ali. They adopt the girl and take her to Luck now along with her father.

In the meantime Begum gives birth to a twin, a Boy and a Girl and they are named Shums and Haseena. Out of all the children only Fatima is religious minded and believes in Namaaz and Roza. They all grow up. In their neighbours live two boys Akram and Rashid of wealthy families. Akram is married to Fatima, Rashid is married to Haseena and Shums to Hameeda.

As the events develop Rashid and Shums became pauper because of their bad habits and Akram is also not very happy because of his wife as she spends most of her time in Namaaz Roza and leads a very simple life. One day in desperation Akram while drunk abuses God and he becomes leper as a result. Then Fatima takes him for Ziarat of all the important Dargahs and he gets cured slowly and slowly while at Ajmer Sharif he gets fully cured. While distributing Niaz they meet Rashid and Shums with their wives amongst the beggars. They take them also to Lucknow and the all live happily thereafter and start believing in Namaaz Roza.

(From the official press booklet)