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Shandar (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

Shandar is the story of a man's eternal right to live in freedom.

Shandar is the story of a man, who had the soul of poet-the rage of a Lion. Shankar a brave young man who was a wood cutter but dreamed that his young brother Ashok (Sumeet Saigal) will one day be a big honest man. When Shankar's dreams were shattered by the evil rich man of society, his anger knew no bounds and then neither his mother (Tanuja) could stop him nor his beloved Ranee (Meenakshi Sheshadri) could subdue the anger and the revenge in the soul of Shankar.

Shankar took up arms against the evil Rai Bahadur Eknath Chaurasia (Kadar Khan) and Dara (Danny). Shankar was also fighting for the respect and dignity of Tulsi (Juhi Chawla) whose respect was looted by his younger brother Ashok, who refused to honour her - Shankar was also fighting this war for the thousands of poor people who were being exploited by the tyranny of the powerful rich.

In this fight Rai Bahadur Eknath Chaurasia's only daughter Anita (Mandakini) also helped Shankar by giving her life.

Did Shankar win this fight? Did his courage betray him? Could he get freedom for his fellowmen? Shandar is the story of those magnificent men who lived and died for the cause of truth, peace and freedom.

(From the official press booklets)