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Shehzaade (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Zoravar Singh an honest, brave and patriotic soldier returns from the war only to find his whole world torn apart. His family thinks that he is a casualty of war, his fiancee Padmini is forced to be married to Lakhan Singh, the Village landlord Hakim Singh's younger brother. Zoravar elopes with Padmini and gets married to her. The Thakurs on finding their bride missing are instigated by Roshan Singh (their cousin from the city) for his own ulterior motives and wipe out Zoravar's family. This results in the destruction of Zoravar's peaceful life. He kills Lakhan Singh, in on the run from the Police and under the heavy influence of alcohol he imagines Gauri, the innocent girl who has sheltered him and given him medication, to be Padmini and celebrates his suhaagraat with her. He fights with her brother which results in her brother's death. 

Overnight Gauri's life is ruined. She gives birth to a son Shanker and only fills him up with venom and hate for his own father. She dies only after telling Zoravar about their son whose only ambition in life is to kill his own father. This shatters Zoravar. His realisation of having wrecked Gauri's life forces him to surrender himself to the Police and is sentenced to life imprisonment but he also sentences his own wife to a life full of sorrow and pain, he tells her that she must spend the rest of her life as a widow and not tell their son about his criminal father. 

Padmini's son Suraj grows up to be a garage mechanic full of ideals and principles and honesty, and is also eve ready to use force against illegal and anti-social elements. But cannot fight the Romantic attacks of local basti girl Bijlee.

On the other hand Shankar (Gauri's son) grows up to be the most dreaded, honest and brave Police officer. His only ambition is to avenge his mother's disaster. He wants to kill Zoravar, his own father. Even Aarti's love cannot reduce the venom and hatred infused by his mother. 

Fate brings Shankar and Suraj on either sides of law. The two giants clash - A major fight takes place. Again fate intervenes just to expose to these two "SHEHZAADE" that the real cause of the duel was Roshan Singh who is now known as RaiSaaheb and is a very big ganglord running his own empire of crime with his four treacherous sons. Shankar and Suraj join hands - But not for long. 

Zoravar is released. 

Does Suraj accept his own father? Is Shankar successful in avenging his mother's death by killing his father? Does the poor old Zoravar survive the attack on his life by his own sons? Does Zoravar learn about RaiSaaheb being the main culprit? Does RaiSaahebalias Roshan Singh succeed in wiping out Zoravar and both his sons? 

The answers to all these questions of intrigue are unfolded gradually and most engrossingly in the explosive climax of "SHEHZAADE".

(From the official press booklet)