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Shera Daku (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

    SHERA DAKU, the name of a Dacoit, carries a very pecullar tale of a peace-loving citizen Shersingh to convert himself into a notorious Dacoit. DESTINY always dominates the coming events, and this destiny alone dictates the life of each individual. Thus, circumstances took such a turn that Shersingh father of a female child of about four years was provoked to kill the city kotwal nihalsingh, who, in shersingh’s absence, wanted to molest his beautiful wife, she instead falling prey to nihalsingh’s passions committed suicide to protect her chastity.
    The murder of nihalsingh, death of his dear wife, and the keen desire to bring up his only daughter and find a suitable match for her marriage, turned shersingh furious, violent, ferocious and cruel. Dilawarsingh the jagirdar of locality announced reward for his arrest, and invited the strongmen of the area to display their strength and vplunteer a bold undertaking to arrest shera daku.
    AJIT a very robust and strong youth came forward and acceped the task of shera daku’s arrest. He set out in his earnest pursuit. Incidently he met with meena now the fully grown young girl the daughter of shera daku and they without knowing each others identity, fell in the tie of romance.
    When shera daku learnt from meena about this young boy as her choice, he summoned ajitsingh to his den, meena brought ajit to her father ajit faced shera daku as the father of her beloved and in course of their conversion it was revealed that ajit is the son of deceased nihelsingh who was responsible for the death of meena’s mother this situation was tense and love was battling against hatred.
    AJIT a duty conscious rajput, did bear human EMOTIONS too and was equally moved to learn the woeful tale which converted shersingh from a citizen to a dacoit.
    MEENA who loved AJIT as her man. On learnig his LOVER’S aim to arrest her father turned her a tigress and she thundered on ajitsingh that for the respect and honour of her father she can sacrifice her love but can not betray the affections of her father who played the role of a respectable husband to wreak vengeance against the passion-wolf by killing him and then to live for bringing up her only daughter, he escaped the law by becoming a dacoit.
    Did ajit arrest, did meena submit, did shera daku surrender, did ajit succeed in his love with meena ? this all happened in the manner destiny paved the path. How ? see it on the screen for thrills, excitement and emotions.