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Sindoor (1987)

  • LanguageHindi

The decoration of 'SINDOOR' in the 'Maang' (central parting of the hair) is believed to be a symbol of good luck for an Indian married woman. But for Laxmi (Jaya Prada). Sindoor always brought a new turn in her life. It always put her on trial, Both Laxmi and Kumar (Rishi Kapoor) use to perform on stage as a famous singing couple. Their pious relationship becomes the victim of Prof. Vijay Chowdhry's (Shashi Kapoor) doubt, and this doubt rises to such an extent that one day the three are separated. While going to an unknown destination, Laxmi meets Prem Kapoor (Jitendra). And the little Lalita (Neelam) comes in her arms. As per her promise to Prem Kapoor, Laxmi dedicates her life for the upbringing of Lalita. She nurtures Lalita with tender love and affection. When Lalita grows up, she meets Ravi (Govinda) in the college. Both of them fall in love. Ravi's uncle advocate Dharam Das (Kader Khan) agrees for the marriage of the two lovers but puts a condition too. He says that the marriage will take place only when Lalita passes in her examination with good marks. Lalita requests Prof. Vijay Chowdhry, the newly appointed teacher, to give her tuition. He agrees. When Prof. Vijay Chowdhry reaches Lalita's house, he is shocked to see Laxmi as the widow mother of Lalita. For their old enmity, Shera (Shakti Kapoor) and Nishant (Gulshan Grover) defame the relationship of Laxmi and Prof. Vijay Chowdhry and succeed in creating hatred for Laxmi in the hearts of Ravi and Lalita. But a truth can't be hidden by lies. One day the truth of Laxmi's sacrifices emerges before the world………Rest of it you see on screen

(From the official press booklet)