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Suno Sasurji (2004)

  • LanguageHindi

This is a story about a miser person Raj K. Saxena, who takes money from old people on interest and assumes that they are not going to come back to take their money back because they are going to die in few years. But, one day suddenly one boy comes to him (who has a same name Raj K. Saxena) and asks Raj K. Saxena to return his grandfather's money with interest due to his grandfather's death. But, Raj K. Saxena refuses to return his money back and throws him out of his house.

When the Hero (Raj K. Saxena) comes to know that the daughter of Raj K. Saxena is doing a fashion designing course in Goa. Hero reaches Goa and succeeds in his mission, both fall in love, and then both of them teach a good lesson to Raj K. Saxena.

(From the official press booklets)