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Tarazu (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

TARAZU is a story of Scales (Tarazu) of Society, which has EVIL on one side and GOOD on the other. 

On the GOOD side are, Inspector Ram Yadav (Akshay Kumar), his brother Raj Yadav (Anil Dhawan), BhabhiShakuntala (Shashi Sharma), and Ram's beloved Pooja (Sonali Bendre). The EVIL side is represented by AppaRao (AmrishPuri) and his son Janardhan (MohnishBahl). Inspector Ram tries to stop the wrong and bad deeds of Janardhan. In return, his Bhabhi (whom he treats like Mother) is murdered. Inspector tries to seek legal Justice in Court but he loses the case due to lack of evidence. Appa Rao and his accomplices celebrate their victory outside the Court. This becomes unbearable for Inspector Ram and losing his temper he shoots at Appa Rao. Appa Rao ducks behind his Advocate (Harish Patel), who is killed. The Police Officers present outside the Court warn Inspector Ram not to shoot, Inspector Ram ignores them and fires. The Police Officers in retaliation spray a shower of bullets on Inspector Ram. 

Dr. Khan Hindustani (Kader Khan) saves Inspector Ram's life and spreads rumour that Ram is in coma. Dr. Khan Hindustani invokes Ram to wipe the evils of society taking advantage of the rumours of his being in coma. Eventually in the scales of society the GOOD primes victory over EVILS.

(From the official press booklet)