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Karz Chukana Hai (1991)

  • LanguageHindi

Atmaram (Kadar Khan) is an utterly selfish man who has not conscience (atma). He spends his entire salary on his own comforts and pleasures. He has two sons. The elder one, Vijay, is much devoted to his father and does whatever his father tells him to do. For Vijay, his father Atmaram is more than God. For his father's sake, he neglects even his wife and son. But the younger son Ravi (Govinda) knows how selfish his father is.

Ravi, the young at heart lad, is in love with Radha (Juhi Chawla). Radha is his college mate and she always clashes with Ravi before she finally loses her heart to Ravi. Not only this, Ravi like a true friend, also solves Radha's various domestic problems.

At his own house, Ravi rebels against his father's ways. Ravi maintains that one should carry his own burden of responsibilities. But Atmaram does not subscribe to his son's views. He is only interested in making the most of his elder son's labour. And the son labours all the time - and one day, bearing the family's responsibilities, passes away.

After Vijay's death, realisation dawns on Atmaram, his conscience pricks him - Life becomes difficult for him. The man had always been speaking lies, and thus, now every truth and true action of his is considered a lie by people.

But Atmaram stakes his life and works hard to save the life of Vijay's seriously sick child, Ajay, to repay the debt of comforts he had once enjoyed at the cost of his son Vijay's life. And Atmaram succeeds after risking his life. His debt is repaid.

(From the official press booklets)


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