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Taj Aur Talwar (1956)

  • LanguageHindi

It was really a night of love. That night Rajkumari Shanti found Amar on the roadside, lying unconscious. She brought him in her palace and nursed him, while nursing him, she fell in love with him. 

Thakur Vijay Singh who was the ruler of the Jagir and father of Shanti, never wanted this thing to happen. Thakur wanted to make Shanti, his only daughter to be the heir of the Jagir.

Rana Jang Bahadur who was the head of the army had his own plans. He wanted to become the legal heir of the Jagir. One night Shanti came out of her palace to meet Amar who was not only her lover but a famous decoit too. 

She came out of her palace in disguise of a maidservant, instructing her loyal servant to inform her if the condition worsened. 

Rana came to know of the love affair and informed Thakur Sahib. Thakur being an honorable Rajput got inflamed and ordered Rana to attack. The servant girl came to know of the attack. She ran out to Inform Rajkumari in the dress of princess. 

The servant girl was killed and thus Rana announced the death of Rajkumari. He threw Thakur Sahib into the jail and proclaimed himself the ruler of the jagir. 

But Shanti was alive. How she and Amar planned to come back? Did their romance flowered? Was Thakur Sahib murdered or saved? Did Rana triumphed or met a villain's death? Who wore the crown of love. All the questions will be solved in TAJ AUR TALWAR.

(From the official press booklet)