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Tamasha (1952)

  • GenreComedy
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time137 min
  • Length3749.04 meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-6606
  • Certificate Date30/08/1952
  • Shooting LocationBombay Talkies Studios

The wealthy Rai Bahadur is extremely displeased with his grandson Dilip’s association with dancer and aspiring actress Nayantara. Dilip has told him that he has broken off his relationship with her and is now seeing a woman more befitting good moral standards. Despite this he does not trust Dilip. So he hatches a plan with his doctor friend to compel Dilip to come out with the truth. He pretends to be on his deathbed and demands to see this new woman Dilip is seeing. A desperate Dilip (who was indeed lying about the new woman) rushes off to Nayantara to tell her about the situation.

Nayantara is surrounded by a posse of people who wish to enter the film business like her. It is clear that she is pretending to be in love with Dilip to get her hands on his wealth which can finance her film career. When an agitated Dilip arrives, her brother who wishes to be director comes up with a plot twist. He asks Dilip to deceive his grandfather by convincing any girl to pretend to be his fiancé for the day. Dilip is initially reluctant but when Nayantara dramatically performs a fainting fit he agrees to do it for her sake.

Dilip’s search is going pretty badly when he suddenly hears a woman’s voice form a nearby house. There he meets the graceful Kiran and convinces her to help him out. A flustered Kiran meets Rai Bahadur and is shocked to see the extent of the deception. She also turns out to be the granddaughter of one of Rai Bahadur’s old friends. She reprimands Dilip and rejects the money he offers her as compensation. Rai Bahadur is initially overjoyed with Kiran but soon realises Dilip’s deception. So he pretends to be ill again to make Dilip bring her back. But this time Kiran refuses point blank to comply with Dilip’s demands. Yet she cannot bear the thought of old Rai Bahadur being deceived like this and goes back to the house to tell him the truth. There she meets Dilip’s cousin Rajju who arrives thinking Rai Bahadur is dying. When Rai Bahadur does not pay any heed to what she has to say she confides in Rajju. Rajju comes up with a way to bring Dilip and Kiran together, even though the two are not pleased with each other. He asks Dilip to pretend to be enamoured by Kiran because Rai Bahadur will be keeping tabs on him. Kiran is wary of the sudden change in Dilip’s attitude but his words do make some in-roads in her heart. Rai Bahadur asks Kiran to stay at his house to take care of him and Dilip.

Here we meet Nayantara’s true paramour – the film star Ashok Kumar. Dilip soon finds out about Nayantara’s dalliance with him and leaves her. He starts becoming more affectionate of Kiran and soon preparations are being made for their wedding. Nayantara pretends to be on the verge of suicide to bring Dilip back. When Dilip rushes to her side, her associates secretly take pictures of them together as proof of their relations. Dilip realises Nayantara was putting on an act again and her only real interest is in Ashok. When Dilip wants to break off all ties with her he is blackmailed with the photographs. A morose Dilip confesses to Kiran and asks her to call off their marriage. On the day of the wedding Nayantara and her associates arrive to blackmail Rai Bahadur and force him to agree to her marriage with Dilip. Their plan is foiled when Ashok Kumar suddenly switches sides and helps Dilip get the negatives of the photos. Ashok Kumar leaves with Nayantara as Dilip and Kiran are reunited.




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